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Alucard • Fanny • Gusion • Hanzo • Hayabusa • Helcurt • Karina • Lancelot • Lapu-Lapu • Lesley • Ling • Natalia • Saber • Selena • Zilong Marksman Bruno • Claude • Clint • Granger • Hanabi • Irithel • Karrie • Kimmy • Layla • Lesley • Miya • Moskov • Roger • Wanwan • Yi Sun-Shin. 28/08/2019 · wow. now i understand why global top gusion players through daggers on their both left and right or front and back. now i know why. very good in depth step by step guide. i am not assassin player but it seems i can try and use gusion. Guide Gusion Mobile Legends. by Hobi Game. Oktober 29, 2019. in Guide Mobile Legends. Gusion merupakan salah satu Hero Assassin/Mage mematikan di Mobile Legends. Sejak awal kemunculannya, nama Gusion terus bersinar dan sempat menjadi top banned di mode ranked.

Mobile Legends Build is a guide created for the Mobile Legends Game. Players can find strategies or builds including champion guides. Mobile Legends Gusion Guide 2019. 224 likes · 20 talking about this. Mobile Legends Gusion Hero build skill guide 2019. Guide Gusion Mobile Legends. Gusion or Gossen is the latest Assassin Mobile Legends hero who is armed with a dagger as a tool of combat. Hero with this great magic damage skill specializes Charge / Burst Damage. Gusion can be purchased using 32,000 Battle Point or 599 Diamonds. Passive - Dagger Specialist; Passive: Gusion akan mendapatkan satu tumpukan rune setiap kali menggunakan skill. Setelah mendapatkan 3 tumpukan rune, serangan biasa berikutnya akan memberikan tambahan damage sejumlah 15% HP target yang telah berkurang, dan memulihkan HP Gusion sejumlah 80% dari damage tersebut.

So, you are suggested to learn everything about this hero with the Gusion hero guide in Mobile Legends. Then, you need to know that many players are scared of this hero, especially when he uses his combo skills. Some heroes can die with his one combo skill since it will produce high burst damage. So, let’s learn it in this Gusion guide 2019. Gusion merupakan hero Assassin yang memiliki serangan tipe magic. Hero ini bisa dibilang seperti Karina yang menggunakan kekuatan magic ya guys. Nah, Gusion sendiri merupakan salah satu hero yang paling ditakuti. Tentu hal itu karena Gusion merupakan hero yang memiliki kemampuan membunuh dengan cepat. Buat kamu yang mau belajar cara menggunakan. Gusion merupakan Assassin dengan pergerakan yang lincah dan mampu mengejar musuh yang kabur atau lari dari kejaran musuh dengan mudah. Hanya dengan 1 combo saja, pemain sudah mampu mengeluarkan Burst Damage yang besar untuk menghabisi.

  1. Gusion, Holy Blade is a higher skill cap assassin hero in Mobile Legends. Gusion's skills are Dagger Specialist, Sword Spike, Shadowblade Slaughter, Incandescence.View guides, hero videos and detailed stats on the Mobile Legends unoffical guide.
  2. Mobile Legends Gusion Guide, Mobile Legends Gusion Best build,Mobile Legends Gusion Emblem set,Mobile Legends Gusion Tips and tricks. Mobile Legends Gusion the Ultimate Guide and build 2019 In this mobile legends guide, I will show you the do and don’t when you are using Gusion build 2019. Skip to content. Menu.
  3. With all those said, you can dominate as Gusion as long as you know the proper combinations and skills to use when playing with him. These items are solid for him and will make you a relentless assassin in the game. For more information about item builds of several heroes in Mobile Legends, stay tuned!

29/12/2018 · Wanna be an Epic rank in no time? Then pick Gusion. Gusion is a powerful Assassin/Mage hero with skills that can dominate the battlefield. OK now let's go to th. How to Rank Up faster with Gusion,Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Mobile Legends In-depth Gusion’s guide Gusion’s guide Gusion’s In-depth Guide Gusion’s Gusion’s combos Gusion’s Build ProDaNTe source Visited 17 times, 1 visits today Show more. android mobile apple mobile mobiles mobiles amazon. PREV 'Mobile Coffins': The Unlikely Solution To The Army’s 'Death Trap' INTEL. GUSION ADVANCED HERO GUIDE & HIGHLIGHTS I Mobile Legends. This Year Will Have A Upgraded Quality Of Our Videos Because We Finally Have A lot Of Free Time On Our Hands So Let’s Forget About Our Old Crappy Quality And Say Hello To The New Sorry But The Build []. Gusion Guide for Beginners Mobile Legends Видео Tagged Beginners, guide, gusion, Legends, Mobile, mobile legends guide 20 комментариев к записи Gusion Guide for Beginners Mobile Legends.

GUIDE HERO GUSION MOBILE LEGEND. Posted on 10/08/2018 10/08/2018 by Admin. Mobile Legends mendapatkan tambahan satu lagi hero mage assassin yang mengoptimalkan burst damage dan reset skill. Hero yang kami maksud adalah Gusion. Gusion atau yang dikenal juga dengan Gossen adalah hero Mage Assassin Mobile Legends dengan serangan belati super lincah. Berikut adalah guide Gusion Mobile Legends, build item, beserta tips dan trik untuk menggunakannya.

Видео Tagged guide, gusion, Legends, Mobile, mobile legends guide, season, Video, бесплатно, добавить, добавление, телефон с видео, телефон с камерой 48 комментариев к записи Season 10 Guide for Gusion!! Mobile Legends. I have 273 Games with Gusion and a 68.9% Wr. In the current season my Wr is 70% and on average I have a 9.5 grade in my games. When I saw that there is no Gusion Guide I just had to do one. Many people want to learn him and I hope I can help some of them with this guide. But Gusion is not an easy hero and not at all easy to explain. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond.

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide 2019. 282 likes · 8 talking about this. Mobile Legends Gusion Hero build skill guide 2019. 12/10/2018 · So, finally I bought this hero. First impression used him. Well. he's very nice. I did better using him than Lancelot. He's kinda look like Ka. Gusion/Gossen Combo Suggestion?,Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Видео Tagged beginner's guide, Beginners, guide, gusion, gusion gameplay, gusion gameplay mobile legends, gusion mobile legends, gusion tips and tricks, Legends, lust, lust mobile legends, lust soul, lust soul mobile legends, Mobile, mobile legends, mobile legends guide 43 комментария к записи Beginner’s guide.

Gusion Guide. Guides. Gusion is a Magic Assassin that specializes in combat because of his burst damage. Welcome to the Mobile Legends Fan Subreddit where you can discuss everything about the game! Do enjoy yourselves and please remember read the rules before posting! Join. 02/02/2019 · Gusion, however, is determined to break the mold. The patriarch's fourth son, Gusion, exhibited a high affinity towards light elements at a very early age, but rather than spend his days with his nose buried in a book, Gusion would use his control over light to imbue himself with the speed to run laps of the family estate in mere minutes, and to enchant old ceremonial swords with powerful.

Full Mobile Legends Bang Bang hero list. View an up-to-date hero list that shows all Mobile Legends heroes along with full stats and hero guide. Gusion attacks by using magic damage so that the resulting attack is of course much more painful than other physical damage assassin. 3. Build Item Gusion. The next Gusion Mobile Legends Guide is an arrangement of items or gear suitable for use by Gusion. This time we will discuss the order of items used by Top Global from Gusion.

  1. Gusion Skill Build. Ultimate>Skills 1>Skills 2. Gusion Story. The Paxley family is one of the most powerful and prestigious magic families in the Land of Dawn, and each member is raised to become a mage of the finest order.
  2. Gusion Guide and Build Items Mobile Legends: The Blue Flash. Gusion is a hero with multiple roles, namely the assassin and the mage. This hero is able to blink towards the enemy who hit his dagger. He even managed to kill his enemy just by a single combo! But it has weaknesses.
  3. MGL MOBILE LEGENDS BOOT CAMP VOLUME 27: GUSION - TIPS, ITEMS, SPELL, EMBLEMS, TRICKS, AND GUIDE. Toym Traveller 243451. MGL That's How Doofenshmirtz Wins Almost Every Match with Gusion Gusion Advanced Guide MLBB. Gaming Theos 339473. MGL MOBILE LEGENDS BOOT CAMP VOLUME 27: GUSION - TIPS, ITEMS, SPELL, EMBLEMS, TRICKS, AND GUIDE.

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